We are a Clean, State of the Art Sanitation System Nail Salon that has the Highest Standards for your Health and Safety Protection! 

We take your Health and Safety Serious at Nouveau Nail Salon!

Health & Safety Sterilization Center

All metal implements used during treatments, including nippers, clippers, metal pushers, drill bits and tweezers, undergo a debris-removal process and are then sterilized in our state of the art autoclave. This system is for decontamination and your personal health and safety!   

Disposable Implements

The implements in our spa that have the potential to become contaminated that are not easily capable of being sterilized such as; toe separation, slippers and was applicators are designated for one-time use only and also disposed of after one time client use!  

Spa Pedicure Stations

Our Spa Pedicure are pipe-free and cleaned with Let's Touch thoroughly after each guest. We circulate an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfection solution and deep cleansing detergent throughout the water lines of our spa chairs in between guests in order to clean the internal components of the Spa Pedicure Stations. We also clean and soak the stations overnight once a week with bleach and deep cleaning detergent for your extra added protection and cleanliness! 

Nouveau Nail Salon Policies

*We are not responsible for lost personal items.

*Payments are expected for all Services Rendered. 

*Sorry No Refunds*

*We are not responsible for redoing the artwork or changing the color after your services are done or repainting the peeling of your polishes after 3 days of your services.

 *Gift Certificates expire 1 year after date of purchase. 

*We are not responsible for lost Gift Certificates/Cards

*All Returned checks will be charges $30 and Bad Check Writers will be prosecuted by the Douglas County's Attorney.

*Our staff workers at Nouveau Nail are all Self-Employed. If you are pleased with the services they provide and would like to show your thanks, a CASH GRATUITY would be greatly appreciated!