Please watch our Facebook Page for COVID19 updates and changes! 

11/29/2020-New Update

Hello Customers!!  Thank you for your patience this past week! We hope you all had a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving! We have deep cleaned the shop and we will have a limited number of Nail Technicians that will be starting back to work on Monday, November 30 that have all tested negative for COVID.

We do have some Technicians, including Wally, that will be out at least another week, until Saturday December 5th as they complete their quarantine period.  When those technicians do  come back to work, they will come back with negative test results as well.

 We continue to clean and sanitize the shop during the day and after each and every  client, to ensure everyone’s safety.  Mask are still absolutely required and most cover your entire nose, mouth and fit securely around you chin!  It is very important to have a proper fitting mask and keep it on at all times in our shop!  Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the shop at any time.

 We will see you all back for appointments or walk-ins in a safe and clean environment and again thank you for your support and patience!!


The Nail Salon has been notified by a customer that they were COVID positive and were in the salon this past week. Out of an abundance of caution the Salon will be closing and cancelling all appointments until after Monday, November 30, 2020.  This will allow all of our staff to be tested and allow us to do deep cleaning in the salon.  Please know our safety as well as our customers is the most important thing during this pandemic and we want to be very careful.  If you have an appointment scheduled for anytime between Tuesday the 24th and Monday the 30th—please consider it cancelled and please plan to call and reschedule with us once we can reopen safely.  Please watch our this page for additional updates and information.  We will let our customers know whether or not we will be reopening on the 30th or if we will be quarantined any longer than that date.  Please stay safe, wear your masks at all times and social distance! Our families wish you and your families a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


Who is Working When? 

Monday- Wally, Jenny, Tim, Tom, Tony, Tiffany and Kim

Tuesday-Wally, Tim, Tiffany, Tom, Tony, Kim and Nancy

Wednesday-Wally, Jenny, Tim, Tiffany, Tom, Tony, Kim and Nancy 

Thursday-Wally, Jenny, Tim, Tiffany, Tony, Kim, Nancy and Tina

Friday-Wally, Jenny, Tim, Tiffany, Tony, Kim, Nancy, Tina and Tom

Saturday-Wally, Jenny, Tony, Kim, Nancy, Tina and Tom 

Sunday-We will be closed for deep cleaning!

Every station will be fully sanitized after each use! 

Please no phone use while we are doing your nails(unless it is an emergency)!

Absolutely No Food or Drink allowed!

We are accepting both appointments and walk-ins

Everyone MUST wear their mask at all times-the mask needs to completely cover your nose and mouth!